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How to Successfully Activate Your Windows 7 OS

windows-7-key-02Have you installed Windows 7 Operating System on your PC? Then the next step is to actually activate it. This will allow you to use its many great features. Here is how you can successfully activate it.

When you install the Windows Operating System, you can use it right away, however, if you want to use it online, you will need a product key. You can get this inside the Home Windows package. If you have bought Windows 7 OS online, you will get this activation key in the confirmation email, so check for that.

Why is activating your Windows 7 OS so important, anyway? There are many viruses on the Internet right now and, in order to protect your PC, you need to constantly update your OS. If you don’t do that regularly, your computer is at a much greater risk of being attacked by one of these. Without activating your operating system, you won’t be able to download any of these updates.

If you want to download your OS via Internet you will first need to have an Internet connection, or you can use a modem. If you are doing it via direct connection, you should go to the Start button and from then click “Properties” and then “Activate Home Windows Now”, which will detect an Internet connection. Once that is done with, you should click on the “Activate Windows online” Put in your Administrator password. The next thing it asks you for is to insert the activation key, so give this as well and click “Subsequent”. Agree to this and from then just follow the directions and that’s it. If you are using a modem, you need to first click on the “Begin” and proper-click “Computer”. Next, click on “Properties” and “Activate Home Windows now”. Once you get here, click on the “Show me different methods to activate”, type in your Windows 7 key. Click “Next” and then on “Use my modem…” Give it your admin password for confirmation and select the location from the drop-down menu, click “Next” and then just follow the instructions.

windows-7-key-01There is also a way to activate your Windows 7 if you can’t connect to the Internet and that is if you use a telephone. In this case, click on the “Begin” and then right click “Computer”. Next, click “Properties” and “Activate Home Windows now”. Click the “Show me different ways…”. The computer will then ask you for the Windows 7 key, so insert that and click on “Next”. You will see the “Use the automated cellphone”, so click on that. Select your location from the drop-down menu and then just follow the rest of the instructions.

Well, there you have it, if you followed any of these instructions, (which, by the way, weren’t all that difficult, were they?) by now you should have successfully installed and activated your Windows 7 Operating System. Congratulations and may this amazing OS serve you well and long.

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